Behind the scenes things you may not know!

Behind the scenes things you may not know!

February 2018 

Behind the scenes things you may not know!

Did you know to put this time-honored event together it takes hundreds of volunteer hours?

The Fort Bridger Rendezvous Association’s board of directors consists of 14 people, from all walks of life, all with a passion for this Rendezvous.   

We work year-round to organize as many details as possible, right down to how many porta-potties will be needed and placement thereof.  It is not easy to please everyone, however the rewards of helping to put together the finest rendezvous around is priceless!  We meet every month, sometimes more than once, to hash out what needs to be done.  We laugh, tell stories, sometimes we argue, but life time friendships are made while doing all of this.

Not only do we figure out how many port-a- johns, ash barrels and dumpsters are needed, we work with hundreds of traders and campers to make their rendezvous experience real as possible.  We organize children’s games, and Dutch oven cook offs as well as spectator events such as Bag Piper bands and Native American Dancers.  After a few years of looking, we have found a new Piper band and we are so thankful and excited to have them. 

We strive to make the rendezvous fun and educational, with lectures and demonstrations hosted by mountain men in full dress.  These can vary from making ropes, how to set up a tent or even flint knapping.

With out all the volunteers and the hours of time donated not only by our board, but many, many others this rendezvous wouldn’t be as successful.  We are always looking for new faces, to bring new ideas, and to help continue the legacy!


Heather Shell