Buckle Up – It is here!

Buckle Up – It is here!

After a year of preparation, anxiety of repeating memories from past years, and calendar count downs, it is time to bring on this show.  Can you feel it?  People are tuning their packing lists, sewing loose beads on their leathers, sharpening their knives and double checking their shooting supplies.  They are working up the campout menu, checking the Dutch Oven equipment, and making sure they have fire wood for the evening gatherings.  Labor Day is the weekend it all comes together.

Many look forward to individual events, but I think that the overall flavor of the event is what puts the excitement needle into overload.  I get calls daily from people who have not come to Bridger before and want to check it out.  Most have a similar comments.  They have noticed and wondered how Bridger can be growing while so many other rendezvous across the country are getting smaller.  For those who have been here before, they know the reason.  Meeting their friends, shopping for that item you just can’t get anywhere else, and taking in the whole atmosphere gives the event a Christmas type anticipation.

Be sure to take a few minutes to study the event paper.  It will tell when all the activities are being held.  It will help to get the most out of the things you want to see.  Besides the usual attractions of trader’s row, Indian dancers, bagpipers, and lectures, make sure to visit the black powder shooting, knife and hawk competitions, and the primitive archery range.  Keep your eyes open, because you are likely to see an egg frying contest or a woman chucking a frying pan at her man (usually in fun competition).  Frequent candy cannon firings and kid’s games are a must for the young ones.  Don’t let Saturday evening pass without a walk to the buck skinners ball.  It is a perfect way to top off an action packed day before winding down at your camp fire.  There is just not enough energy or enough hours in the day to do it all, but we all look forward to the challenge.

There has been a big change in the Dutch oven contest which is a well worth participating in.  It is set up to be a major event on Saturday morning, and prizes for winners and all contestants making it one to consider.  It will be a lot of fun and we look forward to you getting involved.

The center of information is the registration building.  It will be a place to get information, medallions, T-shirts, souvenirs, and raffle tickets.  Board members can be recognized by their gorget and are all willing to help you with information.

As I write this last paper before the rendezvous, I think of other details that I should have mentioned to make it a better experience, but hopefully you will get through those details I may have neglected.  I truly hope that this 45th rendezvous is everything you hope it will be and look forward to meeting you.