2017 FBRA board member contact information

FBRA address

234 S. 300 W.

Lehi, Ut 84043


“Each Board member has assigned committee assignments listed below.

Please review these assignments to get the right board member who can best answer your questions”.

Please review these assignments to get the right board member who can best answer your questions”.

2017 Booshway
Bob Christensen

2017 Segundo
Heather Shell

Dave Morby


Nancy Turner

Member at Large Rep.
Jeff Malan

Mountain Man Rep
Dave Turner
Lehi, UT

Mountain Man
Eugene Fowles

Mtn. View Rep
Monty Bullock

Uinta County Rep.
Dottie Shell

Utah Rep.
Mike Chatelain

Fort Bridger Rep.
Darin Peck

2017 Member at Large
Ralph Mair

2017 Lyman Rep.
Mike Larsen

2017 Sweetwater Rep.
Shalayne Hunziker


2017 State of Wyoming
Chris Floyd


2017 Fort Bridger Rendezvous Association Committee’s Assignments


Range & Shoots Chairman-Eugene Fowles,           Committee: Dave Turner, Darin Peck,Dottie Shell

Knife & Hawk Chairman-Ralph Mair,                    Committee: Bob Christensen

Entertainment Chairman-Mike Larsen,                                 Committee: Shalayne Hunziker

Trade Committee/Traders Row Chairman-Monty Bullock,             Committee: Heather Shell, Mike Chatelain,Dottie Shell

Prizes Chairman-Bob Christensen,        Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Dog Solider Chairman-Ralph Mair,                    Committee: Larry Castle, Dave Turner

Clean Up Chairman-Bob Christensen,        Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Primitive Camp Committee Chairman-Dave Morby,                 Committee: Jeff Malan, Heather Shell

Primitive Camp Lay-Out Chairman-Mike Chatelain             Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Primitive Demos/Historical Lectures Chairman-Dave Morby,                                 Committee: Darin Peck

Advertising/Public Relations Chairman-Mike Larsen,Chairman-Shalayne Hunziker,    Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Newsletter Chairman-Dave Morby,                 Committee: Nancy Turner November/January/April/October

Kids Games Chairman-Mike Chatelain,           Committee: Dave Turner, Darin Peck

Mentoring (13-18 years old) Chairman-Dave Morby,                 Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Kids Traders Blanket Chairman-Dave Morby,                 Committee: Dave Turner

Archery Chairman-Jeff Malan,                    Committee: Thor

Fee Collection Chairman-Shalayne Hunziker,    Committee: Leslie Wareham, Nancy Turner

Contests:  Chairman-Ralph Mair

Dutch-Oven                                                                                                       Committee: Jerry & Shauna Fields

Egg                                                                                                                         Committee: Dottie Shell, Diane Kurth

Frying Pan                                                                                                           Committee: Dave Turner, Dottie Shell

Registration Chairman-Nancy Turner,              Committee: Shalayne Hunziker, Heather Shell,Sherry Malan

Kids Candy Cannon Chairman-Dave Turner                  Committee: Darin Peck

Adult Candy Cannon Chairman-Dave Turner                  Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Port-a-Toilets/Garbage Chairman-Shalayne Hunziker,    Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Web Site Chairman-Mike Larsen                  Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Photography Chairman-Mike Larsen,                                 Committee: Craig Heiny, the F.B.R.A. Board

Set Up/Gate Fly’s/Ash Barrels Chairman-Bob Christensen,        Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Sibert’s Camping/Parking Chairman-Jeff Malan,                    Committee: Dave Morby

Cannon Range Chairman-Darin Peck,                    Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Raffles/Dog Solider Tent Chairman-Bob Christensen          Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Bids for Raffles Chairman- Mike Larsen                 Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board

Donations/Fund Raising Chairman-Dave Morbry                                Committee: The F.B.R.A. Board