Help Wanted!

Help Wanted!

Fort Bridger Rendezvous Association

Contract Position Announcement

Secretary/Treasurer/Administrative Assistant

Posted:  October 19th, 2018

Contract compensation:  $800/monthly, starting.

Description:  The Secretary Treasurer is a non-voting member of the FBRA Board of Directors.  It is also one of the “Officers of the Board” which includes the Chairman, Booshway, Segundo and Secretary/Treasurer.  The Secretary/Treasurer answers to the Officers of the Board and Board of Directors.  The Secretary/Treasurer may only be appointed or removed by a 2/3 majority vote of the entire Board of Directors.

 This is the only compensated member of the Board of Directors. Compensation is on a “contract for services” basis. The position is not an “employee” and the FBRA pays no benefits and makes no withholdings for income taxes. These are the responsibility of the contractor. The Secretary/Treasurer is not compensated additionally for mileage to monthly meetings or rendezvous but may be compensated for mileage to “special” or additional meetings.


Applicants must:

Be a member in good standing of the Fort Bridger Rendezvous Association.

Be able to attend the Fort Bridger Rendezvous from the Tuesday before Labor Day through the Tuesday following Labor Day.  Attend monthly meeting at varying locations. Attend additional meetings as assigned.

Set up and maintain a “Registration” office or site during the Rendezvous and close down registration  after the rendezvous

Be able to attend monthly Board Meetings.

Keep minutes and records of meetings.

Be “customer Service” oriented, Maintaining a professional and courteous attitude toward customers, members, co-workers and board members.

Be able to communicate well in person, over the phone and in writing.  Have the ability to handle confrontation and crisis while remaining calm and able to negation solutions.

Be able to receive and process written, electronic and telephone communications on behalf of the FBRA.

Be able to write contracts concerning people or organizations providing services for the FBRA or receiving services from the FBRA

Have a working knowledge of business related accounting and financial record keeping. Be able to accept payments, make deposits, pay bills and provide accurate monthly reports involving several bank accounts and receipts of expenditures.

Have a working knowledge of electronic/computerized accounting, writing, and mass communication programs.

Keep records and provide documentation as necessary to maintain the FBRA’s incorporation and 501c3 nonprofit status.

Accept, process and maintain records of applicants participating in various portions of the rendezvous to include campers, traders etc.

Other Duties as assigned.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit a resume by e-mail to prior to Midnight on November 2nd, 2018.

Applicants must attend the FBRA Board meeting/General Membership meeting held at the Visitor Center in Evanston, Wyoming on Saturday November 3rd, 2018 at 10:00 am./General Membership at 12:00 noon. Interviews of all applicants will be conducted by the Board of Directors on that day.