Newsletter April 2017

Newsletter April 2017



April 2017






  1. I have to say I am excited to see the snow finally melt. I was getting cabin fever with anticipation of getting out in the woods. I am happy to report that plans for the 45th annual Fort Bridger Rendezvous are under way. It should be a grand time as always. I just recently returned from an encampment on the banks of the Mississippi. One evening while catching up on old times with friends the camp fire talk turn to “how do you keep an event authentic”? A very interesting conversation for some well-seasoned woodsmen. As the fire and talk finally died out the consensus was “mind set”. Whether you were at the first Bridger or this year will be your first Bridger. I would expect you to have the “mind set” of being as authentic as possible. I hope that when someone asks “are you Bridger ready”? Your answer will be backed up with “yeah I have made some improvements to be more period correct”.


  1. Camp spots have been assigned. There are no more primitive camping spots available on the Forts grounds. However there are spots available in the primitive overflow area. A reminder to those who camp in our overflow area. The same camp rules apply as if you were camping on Fort grounds. PLEASE read your registration packets.


  1. Have you noticed the increased number of dogs at Fort Bridger Rendezvous? The Board of Directors have and we are looking at ways to see that dogs, dog owners and registered camper and traders work in harmony for an enjoyable rendezvous. First we would like to remind everyone this is not a dog show. Second “campers and traders” please read the rules on dogs in your registration packet. Lastly to the visitors, pick up after your dog. This year bags will be provided to visitors with dogs as they come through the gate.


  1. This year the Dutch oven contest will be grander and in plain view for folks to watch. Be prepared to get a taste. (Watch our web site for more information as it becomes available)

This year the clothing contest will be on Sunday like always. However, the Judges will be in primitive camp looking for those who look and work the part. So wear your fancy clothes on Sunday and you may be payed a visit.

I am happy to report that the mentoring program is gaining traction. If you would like to volunteer and help with a certain event at the Rendezvous sign up. This year you can make your request in registration or sign up at the dog solider tent. Shadowing one of the board of directors is a great way to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on that event.

  1. Reminder!! Follow us on Facebook. And check out our website. The website receives about 6000 hits a month. When we posted our 2016 flier on Facebook we had over 9000 views and around 120 shares. We are seeing increased hits on Facebook and our website from all over the world. As far away as Germany, Poland, China and Australia are just a few of the countries who are watching what is going on.


Dave Morby



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