The Show

The Show

About a week before the Rendezvous starts, many of the Board Members camp near the site to prepare the grounds for the big event. It is a relaxed time that slowly develops into the magnificent gathering that has become the second largest event in Wyoming, second only to Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Each day we are camped begins well before the sun comes up. The first one up tries to be as quiet as possible so not to disturb the others. He busies himself getting the fire started and preparing the first pot of coffee. While waiting for the first pop of the perk coffee pot and watching the fire building its first layer of coals, it is an excellent time to gather your thoughts and organizing how to accomplish the goals for the day.

Within a short time, the loud aroma of the coffee and crackling fire lures more from warm beds. As the group grows, comments like being nuts to be up that early, or burning daylight when there are still stars in the sky, or wondering why those who got up later have wasted the best part of the day, are jokingly repeated.

Sometime during the second or third cup of coffee, sweetened with just the right amount of Irish crème, Mom nature wakes up the sun and the show begins. The show is the true reward for being an early riser.

The show is never the same and we never know if it will be a time when Mom is lazy and leaves us with a clear sky, or out does herself with a radiant sky, painted with wisps of clouds or the big billowy ones that we studied in grade school, but can no longer remember their names. The colors on a brilliant morning are so awe inspiring that all you can do is scramble for the camera. Unfortunately, there is no picture that can capture the show like seeing it firsthand. Within 15 minutes, the show is over with a reminder of the upcoming busy day and looking forward to the show the next morning.

After a few days of preparation, the actual rendezvous event begins. This does not stop observing the show, it just adds to spectator participation. Shortly after Mom natures’ performance, a few board members set out to lite noise makers made of pipe, dirt, and black powder. The booms can be heard all over the encampment signaling the official beginning of the day. The rendezvous literally starts with a bang!

Each morning, regardless of how late we gave in to sleep, we look forward to the morning show and anticipation of the day to follow. It is the perfect start to the best event Labor Day has to offer.

2017 Booshway
Bob Christensen