Fort Bridger Rendezvous

Fort Bridger Rendezvous

Mountain Man Rendezvous


Fort Bridger Rendezvous 2017

Gates open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. September 1 to September 4, 2017
Gate fees $4.00 per person 12 and up / Children 11 and under are Free
Dressed in period clothing (pre 1840′s fur trade) from head to toe, admission is Free.

The Fort Bridger Mountain Man Rendezvous is a mountain man rendezvous in celebration of the Fur Trade Rendezvous Era that occurred in the Rocky Mountains between 1825-1840. It is one of the largest mountain man gatherings in the nation.

Fort Bridger Mountain Man Rendezvous, held annually the first weekend of September at Fort Bridger Wyoming, this Mountain Man Rendezvous is an experience your family will be sure to remember for years. Come and experience historic Fort Bridger at its best!

Admission for the general public is $4.00 for everyone 12 years and up. Come authentically dressed from head to toe in pre-1840 fur trade era mountain man garb only, and get in free! State regulations prohibit alcohol consumption. Dogs are welcome, however, please review the dog policy before bringing your dog(s) as violators will be fined. Remember you are on a State historic site which is under the direction of Wyoming State Parks Division.

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Authentic Dress:

Individuals who wish to be authentically dressed should adhere to the following guidelines:
NOTE: Authentic Dress is required for campers in the Primitive Camp and traders.

  • All visible clothing must pre-date 1840 for the Fort Bridger Mountain Man Rendezvous. These items include:
  1. Hats & Bonnets
  2. Shirts & Blouses
  3. Jackets & Coats
  4. Pants
  5. Dresses
  6. Shoes
  7. Blankets
  8. Jewelry
  9. Weapons (all kinds)
  • Women must be wearing period dresses, or a blouse and skirt.
  • Prescription glasses are acceptable. Sun glasses are not allowed.

If you have a questionable item, please contact the FBRA (Fort Bridger Rendezvous Association).

Click Here to meet the 2017 Bourgeios “Booshway” & Segundo

Meet the 2017 Fort Bridger Rendezvous Board

2017 Board Members / Park Superintendent

(Front Row Left to Right)- Dottie Shell, Dave Moby- Chairman, Heather Shell- Segundo,

Bob Christensen – Booshway, Nancy Turner – Secretary, Dave Turner.

(Back Row Left to Right)– Jeff Malan, Chris Floyd- Wy State Parks , Darin Peck, Monte Bullock, Ralph Mair, Shalayne Hunziker, Eugene Fowles, Mike Larsen, Mike Chatelain.



Booshways Corner

45th Year Wrap Up

45th Year Wrap Up

September 9, 2017

I wanted to take my last writing as Booshway of the Fort Bridger Rendezvous
to tell you how proud I am of the conduct of the thousands of people who
enjoyed the weekend. In our time when we hear so much of discontent and
social problems, they did not exist at Bridger. Not once was I called in the
night and the minor incidence we did have, were not worth mentioning. I
saw nothing but respect and tolerance. It is so refreshing to experience this
behavior in such a large group.
It sure was fun, wasn’t it? I talked to someone who had not been there in a
long time and thought that that the traders engaged more with the public than
he had remembered. I talked to one who came to the event after I tried to
explain what it was all about. After the event I asked if I oversold it. He
said, with a big smile, that I didn’t give it enough credit and that he had no
idea how fantastic it was.
The bag pipers were surprisingly young and had enthusiasm and excitement
in their performance. They should have a long and enjoyable future. The
Indian dancers and various musical performances gave the rendezvous that
extra touch not heavily advertised.
The Dutch oven contest, in its first year on the fort grounds, was an instant
hit. Over 150 people tasted the fruits of the event to vote in the people’s
choice award. Some of the participants had never competed before and had a
great time. With a little tuning, the event will be even better next year.
The rifle range was a big success as usual. The biggest complaint I heard
was that there was too much shooting, imagine that! A young man who had
just been given a flint lock by his aunt was anxious to try it out and the range
master went out of his way to help him out. It made the rendezvous for this
young man.
The knife and hawk competition exceeded the expectations of the
participants. Each night I had to shut down the range. I guess I was the only
one that noticed that the sun had retired and it was too dark to play. I was

asked by two boys on the last day if it would be alright if they kept throwing
if they used flashlights. When I told them it would not be safe, they said that
they had to leave in the morning and would miss out. I invited them to come
back at sunrise and sure enough, they were there.
We broke records for attendance at the kid’s games. All the kids made their
parents proud with their conduct. I feel for the crawdads, however, the kids
could not have had more fun in their pursuit. I truly hope that these young
souls had great memories and refer back to Bridger as one of the great times
in their lives.
I attended the cannon shoot and was absolutely amazed at how accurate a big
gun could shoot at over 800 yards away. I was so well received at the site, it
was truly humbling.
I know that I am missing some events and activities that would be worthy of
mentioning and I apologize for that. I do believe that each person who
attended or serviced the rendezvous generated lasting memories. After all,
isn’t that what the good part of life is all about?
On the last day we are required to restore the site back to its original
condition, except for the foot traffic in the grass. Both Chris Floyd, the
superintendent, and I were so impressed at how clean the fort was on the
Tuesday afternoon walk around. It was rare to even find a clear candy
wrapper. The campers, traders, and board members worked diligently to
make sure that Fort Bridger received the respect it deserved.
Clearly, the efforts by the 14 volunteer board members showed the results of
planning and the common goal of making this event all it could be. Next
year, the new Booshway is Heather Shell. She and I have worked together all
year and I cannot think of a better person to serve as your new Booshway.
She comes with an enthusiasm for the event and the people skills to make the
2018 rendezvous every bit a success as this one.
Lastly, I would like to thank the board and all the participants for the
opportunity to serve as Booshway. It is a time of great pride in my bank of
memories. I hope to see you all again next year.

Bob Christensen (True Story)